Article VII

The Ratification of the Conventions of nine States, shall be sufficient for the Establishment of this Constitution between the States so ratifying the Same.

The Word, “the,” being interlined between the seventh and eighth Lines of the first Page, the Word “Thirty” being partly written on an Erazure in the fifteenth Line of the first Page, The Words “is tried” being interlined between the thirty second and thirty third Lines of the first Page and the Word “the” being interlined between the forty third and forty fourth Lines of the second Page.

Attest William Jackson Secretary

done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the States present the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven and of the Independance of the United States of America the Twelfth In witness whereof We have hereunto subscribed our Names,

G°. Washington
Presidt and deputy from Virginia

[List of other signatories follows]

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  1. The seventh article of the United States ‘ Constitution states that the democratic agreement of establishing the Constitution, by 9 out of 13 states, suffice to commit the previously stated articles as the supreme laws to all states who voted for the legitimacy of the whole Constitution.

    The validity of this document is confirmed by William Jackson, Secretary of the United States of American.

    This Article further explains the criteria and date of the ratification of the United States Constitution. Sign by President George Washington and other State delegates.

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